Our Ethos

At Study Right we believe that education is more than just learning new facts and skills; it is freedom. Knowledge gives you the power to make your own decisions, establishing and achieving your own goals.

To achieve this, students must have a positive attitude towards their education attained through a mastery approach to learning. A mastery mindset encompasses self-motivation and defining your success in relation to your own progress, instead of comparing yourself to others. Individuals with this attitude are optimistic and have the confidence to face the challenges present in the 21st century.  At Study Right, we believe that it is our job to nurture and encourage this mindset in our students. Every tutor at Study Right understands that each student learns differently and adapts their approach accordingly.

As we grow it is impossible to retain all information we have collected over the years, but we never forget how something makes us feel. With this in mind, all tutors at Study Right strive to create a positive and engaging environment where students feel they will always be supported.

Our motivated approach

At Study Right, we believe in education through motivation.

We focus on the three different aspects of motivation: a motivated classroom, a motivated student and a motivated teacher, to ensure an environment in which students can prosper and thrive.


Our Mission

Our Mission

Worldwide 124 million primary school-aged children and adolescents do not have access to education. At Study Right we want to be part the change to give every child the skills to thrive in the 21 st century to help solve local and world issues.

At Study Right we want to be part of the change to give every child the skills to thrive in the 21 st century to help solve local and global issues.



Restless Development

Restless Development, first established in 1985, is a UK based charity that operates in 9 countries across Africa, Asia and USA. The primary objective of this youth-led global agency is to create leaders that will prevent and solve world challenges; through empowering young people to have: a voice, a living, sexual rights and leadership. At Study Right, we believe that young people are the key to establishing sustainable communities that are economically, socially and environmentally equitable. Study Right is committed to supporting and endorsing the invaluable work of Restless Development.

Study Right is committed to supporting and endorsing the invaluable work of Restless Development, as we too believe that young people should be encouraged and offered opportunities to shape and determine their own future.

Wonder Foundation

At Study Right, we believe that empowering women is essential in ending poverty globally. For this reason Study Right supports the work and ethos of the UK based charity, Wonder Foundation. Established in 2012, Wonder Foundation provides resources for local women-led projects based in 10 countries across Africa, Asia, Central and Southern America. The charity improves the well-being of women, girls and families through 4 core competencies: sharing knowledge, community engagement and participation, raising awareness and investment. It also creates sustainable change by empowering women to make informed life decisions through providing training and skills, as well as engaging men to be partners in building each project. Like Wonder Foundation, Study Right wants to make a change to people's’ lives not just statistics.


United World Schools

United World Schools is a UK based charity with the goal to 'teach the unreached', with projects in Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal. At Study Right, we strive to empower every child through education so they can make their own decisions, decide their own fate and actively engage in solving world issues. United World Schools, like Study Right; believe that the key to reaching every child in a sustainable way is to work with and support communities and local teachers.