Key Stage 1 & 2

At Study Right, we provide support in KS1 & 2, English and Maths.

The development of a positive affective attitude towards learning is critical in creating confident, inquisitive life-long learners, who define their success by their own progress. Every tutor at Study Right understands that it is important to nurture this attitude at an early age, thus consistently encourage students to believe in themselves and their abilities. Consequently, each student gains self-confidence, unafraid to make mistakes to further their knowledge and understanding; now and in the future.



At Study Right we believe that the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas is important to succeed in any subject. We encourage our students to broaden their horizons through discussions, debates and engaging with a variety of texts. Although our English lessons work closely alongside the national curriculum, our personalised lesson plans ensure that we fulfil our student’s needs through engaging and innovative tasks. Our motivated tutors aid students in the understanding and analysis of a diverse range of texts from multiple eras.

Though the curricular success of our students is important, Study Right is also driven by the need to prepare our students with transferable skills and attributes to equip them for life in the 21st century. Through our English lessons and Education 360 classes such as Debate club and Creative Writing classes, we inspire our students to take steps which will not only benefit themselves intellectually but enable them to communicate and positively influence others. We believe that the ability to communicate, in any way, whether it is through writing or speech is one of the most powerful tools you can possess.


Mathematics is an interdisciplinary language and tool used in a wide range of academic subjects including psychology, science, archaeology, economics, sociology and much more. Mathematics nurtures a student's ability to make logical and strategic decisions, both of which are transferable skills that are imperative in 21st century life. Pragmatic thinking and problem-solving, are also encouraged by maths.

At Study Right we understand that the depth and breadth of Maths are constantly expanding, thus our tutors strive to create environments for student's to explore and master critical mathematical concepts and skills. Studies have shown that without practice to cement understanding students can quickly fall behind, for example, annually 37,000 of the highest attaining primary school pupils do not achieve higher than a grade C at GCSE. To ensure each student in Study Right is supported and achieves their maximum potential in Maths, we use work books and resources designed by our tutors in accordance with the national curriculum and new GCSE specification.


Science is essential in helping us to understand and change the world around us. This diverse and ever-changing subject nurtures a student's natural curiosity; challenging old concepts with new, progressive and innovative ideas. Biology, Chemistry and Physics encourage students to think critically and evaluate the validity of evidence; a crucial transferable skill required in multiple subjects and in the 21 st century workplace.

At Study Right we have composed our own KS3 resources with engaging tasks that require students to apply and link their knowledge, ensuring a strong standing for the beginning of GCSE. Our personalised learning plans make certain that each student is confident in conveying all scientific concepts and subject knowledge needed at GCSE.


The 11-plus is an examination used by grammar schools to select their pupils. The exam is taken by students in their final year of primary school (Year 6) and tests four disciplines: Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, Maths and English. Due to the nature of the examination, many prep schools prepare their students for the 11-plus. State schools, on the other hand, rarely provide training for the 11+ exam, thus tuition is necessary to eliminate this disadvantage.

As well as specifically designed resources and training for the 11-plus examination, Study Right also provides Education 360֯ classes that build a student’s confidence and develops their desire to learn. According to Vivienne Durham, the former head-teacher of Francis Holland, “Schools look for students that enjoy learning at every opportunity”, thus nurturing their academic curiosity is vital. Guidance and support for both parents and students is provided throughout their time at Study right by our experienced and dedicated tutors, to ensure this process is as stress-free as possible.

Prices and Bookings

Price List

  Key Stage 1 & 2 Key Stage 3 Key Stage 4 A-level 11 Plus
1 session £78 £86 £95 £108 £104
2 sessions £152 £168 £186 £216 £208
3 sessions £226 £250 £277 £324 £312
4 sessions £300 £332 £370 £432 £416

*Prices may vary depending on the centre. Please refer to the our centres page.


Initial Assessment Booking

Easily book a free initial assessment for your child in English, Maths and Science. This assessment is to determine the level at which your child is joining us and there is no obligation to enrol once completed.

Our assessments are unique in that they produce results which outline how your child is doing in specific topics. This testing provides
our tutors with an upper hand allowing them to create a tailor-made plan for the year, strengthening their weaknesses and superceding what they are already exceeding in.



During your child's time at Study Right they will have to make a decision about the A-levels they want to study, the degree they want to read and where to study that degree.

Although these decisions are important, they can seem daunting and overwhelming. Consequently, Study Right provides workshops to help students make these decisions, as well as constant support and advice from tutors.

Our Workshops

o ‘Personal Statement’ workshop
o ‘How to choose the right university and subject for you’ workshop
o ‘What are my options if I don’t want to go to university?’ work shop
o ‘Exam preparation’ workshop
For more information please contact us or pop into our centre.


Discounts are provided through Working Tax Credits and childcare vouchers

Working tax Credits

Study Right is registered as an Ofsted voluntary childcare provider.  This means that if you or a family member is claiming Working Tax Credits you may be reimbursed your tuition fees. Depending on your income you can claim up to 70% of your tuition fees. To do this you must first be assessed by the HM Revenue & Customs.

Childcare Voucher Scheme

This scheme enables parents to gain payment from their employers in the form of a childcare voucher worth £243 per month. These vouchers are both tax and national insurance free. Crucially these vouchers can be used to pay tuition fees in Study Right.

How much help you could receive:

Number of children Weekly limits on costs Percentage of cost you can get help with Maximum tax credits for childcare
One child £175 70% £175 x 70% = £122.50
Two children £300 70% £300 x 70% = £210.00



Child care voucher providers

o Busy bees
o Rg – cycle to work
o Computershare
o Edenred
o Fidelity
o Kiddivouchers