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The development of a positive effective attitude towards learning is critical in creating confident, inquisitive life-long learners, who define their success by their own progress. Every tutor at StudyRight understands that it is important to nurture this attitude at an early age, thus consistently encourage students to believe in themselves and their abilities. Consequently, each student gains self-confidence, unafraid to make mistakes to further their knowledge and understanding; now and in the future.


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Subjects We Offer

 We provide specialist tailored learning support for core subjects including Maths, English & Science at all levels. Our classes are based on the National Curriculum and cater to the individual demands of examinaton boards for formal examination.

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At StudyRight we understand that the depth and breadth of Maths is constantly expanding, thus our tutors strive to create environments for students to explore and master critical mathematical concepts and skills.



At StudyRight we believe that the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas is important to succeed in any subject. We encourage our students to broaden their horizons through discussions, debates and engaging with a variety of texts.



At StudyRight we have composed our own resources with engaging tasks that require students to apply and link their knowledge, ensuring a strong standing for the beginning of GCSE.


11 Plus & Entrance Examinations

StudyRight offers tailored pathways designed to prepare students for these challenging examinations. Using state of the art resources, and collaborating with education specialists, we provide students with a constructive support system to sit these examinations and the complicated application process that usually follows.

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The GCSE exams are one of the most important milestones in your academic pathway, as they determine what direction you head in. At StudyRight, we understand the importance of having the right support system when sitting these exams, so we provide academic guidance and emotional support throughout the entire GCSE process.

We support your learning journey in every way we can.

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A-level examination withhold the reputation of being one of the most challenging exams students sit before embarking on a journey of tertiary education. At StudyRight, we understand the importance of having the right support system when sitting these exams and the need for guidance when discovering your academic career paths.

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