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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I avoid being put on the waiting list?

We appreciate that you would like to start your child's tuition as soon as possible, but to ensure our tuition is delivered equitably; we operate on a first come first served basis and do not hold spaces. To avoid your child being placed on the waiting list we recommend that you enrol your child in August or September.

How do you help my child with important academic decisions?

During your child's time at StudyRight they will have to make a decision about the A-levels they want to study, the degree they want to read and where to study that degree. Although these decisions are important, they can seem daunting and overwhelming. At StudyRight, we spend time with each student and encourage them to have multiple conversations with us to ensure that their final decision is well-informed and carefully deliberated. 

At StudyRight, we understand that making these decisions takes a long time so we support your child throughout the process; helping them to realise and understand what they enjoy, what makes them happy and drives them. Once your child has finalised their decision we provide personal statement workshops, assistance in organising work experience and exam preparation; to facilitate the realisation of their goals.

How can I pay and what do I pay?

The easiest methods of payment are: setting up a standing order or paying by direct debit. To help with payments we recommend that you check if your employer has a childcare scheme. The childcare voucher providers that we are signed up to are outlined on our price list. If your company's provider is not listed please contact us as we are happy to register with them.  

What happens if I miss a lesson?

If your child has to miss a lesson please ensure that the centre is aware that your child will be absent at least 24 hours before the lesson is scheduled to commence. Specific make up sessions have been scheduled throughout the year but will have a higher student to teacher ratio. If you do not inform the centre a minimum of 24 hours before the lesson then we will not be able to book your child in for a makeup lesson session.

How many classes should my child do per week?

Once your child has completed their assessment test we will organise a meeting with you. During this meeting we will create a personalised learning plan that outlines the number of sessions that we recommend for your child, however the final decision is always yours.

What age can my child start?  

During a child's early years it is crucial to fuel their curiosity, improve social skills and establish learning as a fun activity. Enrolling in clubs such as drama, sports and guided reading are considered the best ways to achieve the aforementioned goals; thus we begin tuition for curriculum subjects at 8 years old when a child is in Year 3.

Will StudyRight help my child with their school work?

Our tutors will always help your child with school work that they are struggling with, but we aim to optimise your child's progression. Consequently, we concentrate primarily on the weaknesses that we identified through their assessment tests.

How can I add on more lessons?

Students must complete multiple progress checks throughout the year, which highlight whether a student requires more lessons to achieve their academic target. Once this has been identified we arrange a meeting with the student's parents to organise further lessons. If you feel that your child needs more lessons please pop in or call StudyRight to arrange a meeting.

How will I know if my child is improving?

At StudyRight, we organise regular progress checks to monitor your child's progress. After every session, your child will be sent home with the work completed within the class, which we encourage you to look at.   

Can I choose my child's study time?

Yes, the process of creating a personalised study plan that finds a healthy balance between tuition and other extra-curricular activities is a shared effort between the student, centre and parents. We will recommend study times, but the final decision is at the discretion of the parent and student subject to availability.  

Do I have to pay for books and materials?

All books and materials provided by StudyRight are free, even if your child loses their book they don't have to pay for new one.

How do you use technology in the classroom?

Exams are carried out on paper, thus we teach and encourage students to use pen and paper to improve exam technique. However, we use technology within the classroom such as interactive whiteboards and Google glasses to complement our paper-based teaching.

Do I have to pay a registration fee when I enrol my child at StudyRight?

No, there is no registration fee when you enrol your child at StudyRight.

How much does an assessment test cost?

All assessment tests and consultations about results are free of charge.

Is there any obligation to join StudyRight once my child has completed their assessment test?

No, there is no obligation to start tuition at StudyRight if your child completes an assessment test.

Is StudyRight for children who are doing well or struggling?

StudyRight is for students of all levels. We create students that adopt a mastery attitude towards learning - gaining knowledge and skills for themselves as well as measuring their success by their own progress rather than comparing themselves to others.  Personalised learning plans combined with our motivated teaching approach means that each child is supported and encouraged to achieve their full potential.

Do you work across the national curriculum?

The national curriculum is a baseline and is taught at one level within a classroom. This means that students below this level are left behind whilst students that are above this level are not stretched. At Student Right we understand that each child learns differently, therefore we start tuition at their level and push up from there.