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At StudyRight, we hold the growth mind-set at the centre of our teaching philosophy. The theory teaches us to discourage students from adopting a fixed mind-set and instead embracing a growth mind-set. 

A student with a fixed mind-set would believe that being ‘good’ at something is a fixed state, and is something they cannot control. This mind-set is not ideal because it does not allow children to develop or persevere. So, StudyRight encourages children to believe that they can improve their abilities by practising, or by finding a different way to achieve a goal. This is what we call the growth mind-set because it allows children to grow into empowered, resilient learners. 

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As we grow it is impossible to retain all information we have collected over the years, but we never forget how something makes us feel. With this in mind, all tutors at StudyRight strive to create a positive and engaging environment where students feel they will always be supported.