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A mastery mind-set encompasses self-motivation and defining your success in relation to your own progress, instead of comparing yourself to others.


We establish the mastery mind-set in three stages…

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Stage 1

of the mastery mind-set starts at ‘knowing’. Our students are encouraged to use more inclusive vocabulary to support this mind-set. Simple knowing is not always enough because once phrases like,‘I know”, are used, immediately a student’s mind is closed off from learning new information. Therefore, students are encouraged to use focus their attention on ‘understanding’. 

Stage 2

of a mastery mind-set is doing. This involves encouraging students apply what they have learnt to practical situations using scenarios and analogies. Contextualising their knowledge would allow them to master the information they have accumulated and expand their intelligence. 

Stage 3

of a mastery mind-set is living. Living involved ensuring student not only apply their knowledge, but understand how they can utilise it to achieve an ideal result. It teaches student to translate the knowledge they have gathered to tangible results, through various methods like perfecting their exam technique.