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We focus on the three different aspects of motivation to ensure an environment in which students can prosper and thrive.

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Motivated Classroom 

We teach using the Growth Mentality philosophy. This means that our engagement with your child is based on effort, strategy and results, as opposed to merely praising them according to their ability or static factors. All our tutors are trained to use this approach, which eliminates competitive or over-dependent attitudes –to ensure they remain motivated in a healthy manner.      

Motivated Teacher

A StudyRight tutor ensures the classroom remains an engaging, productive and responsive setting. The tutor's influence cultivates a climate of peer encouragement and a safe space to pose questions. Collaboratively, tutors and students set goals and produce a step by step plan to achieve them to sustain an atmosphere of self-improvement. This is also demonstrated through the tutor's consistent marking and encouragement, to ensure students always have feedback to maximise their potential and motivate them to always do better.  

Motivated Student 

We aim to develop students who adopt the mastery approach and a self-motivating attitude. Often referred to by their teachers as ‘go for it’ kids, students who are motivated will have the main goal of learning and increasing their skills. Mastery students define success in relation to their own progress, as opposed to comparing themselves to others. They cope well with failure, which they see as a necessary part of learning and above all remain motivated.